About Golden Taste


In 1996, we hand-prepared 5 simple, delicious products. Made of natural ingredients, each followed a family-style recipe that yielded a taste of summer's breakfast at home. Humble beginnings, of course. Then again, we are humbled by our success, too.

In nearly 20 years, we haven’t changed much. Though we now serve tens of thousands of families with the finest in kosher salads, dips, spreads, herring, pickled products and appetizers, our company recipe remains the same: Start with a heaping of quality. Add in the freshest vegetables, proteins, condiments and beans. Mix in some family-tradition magic. Then simply serve with pride.


Getting Golden Taste foods from the farm to your fridge is all done under one roof. We do ingredient selecting, checking, washing, cooking, smoking, baking and even packaging at our own facility, which is owned and operated by the same group of individuals who’ve started it all.

This approach comes courtesy of our belief in the social and familial power of great food. Few things bring people together much like an early brunch at a table laden with the market's most nourishing, satiating offers. When we saw how our family came together over a proper meal, we decided to introduce our wonderful menu to your family and other kosher-loving folk as well.


Ever since the Golden Taste name appeared on the first label, the integrity of our foods and the joy they bring have stood the test of time. Kosher families all over the United States now seek out our delicious products, which are offered in prominent display at major food chains across the country.

We serve the retail market and foodservice industry, offering single pack, case pack, and bulk packaging options for nearly all our items. So stop by your local food retailer for a sampling of our finest dishes. This is what we've been preparing for close to two decades. This is what we serve at home. This is what we ever so fondly serve to you today.