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Quality Control | Golden Taste

Quality Control

When it comes to quality, we're control freaks.

Seeing as our plant practices directly affect the food your family enjoys, we'd say that's a good thing. What does this translate into on a daily basis? An obsessive dedication to facility cleanliness, food safety, and all other requirements under GMP guidelines.

As proactive in matters of safety as in taste.

At Golden Taste, we're not satisfied with 'just scraping by'. Our staff follows an extensive set of proactive measures such as the HACCP food safety management system to not only meet requirements, but also exceed them on behalf of our loyal customer base.

Our facilities are open to authoritative review.

You don't have to take our word alone for it. Golden Taste proudly invites the scrutiny of food inspection and grading agencies. Over the years, we've continuously scored high on all food production safety lists from giants like SAI Global, Silliker, SGS and others.